Sunday, May 2, 2010

HAha.. LAwak2.. MedIA oh MEdiA

hahaha.. kecian kt aRshavin kne maki free2 gn wenger.. rpe2yer media slh translate apa yg dya ckp.. n media tokok tmbh cter2 dya 2 padahal punyalah dya loyal gn Arsenal.. Kt cni Kte le tgk kta2 dri beliau..

t is not the first time these reported comments from Arshavin have hit the headlines, but the former Zenit St Petersburg midfielder - who joined Arsenal in a £15 million deal in January 2009 - insists things can be taken out of context.

"I am often translated wrongly,'' Arshavin said in Russian newspaper Sport Express. "If I talk to the English press, there is no problem, but when I say something in Russia, some special news agency takes it, translates it and sells these quotes.

"During the process of interpretation they translate my words as they see fit. I find this unpleasant. People might think I said something that, I fact, I never said.'

"I respect the club and I am happy that I am a part of it. I am very grateful to the Arsenal fans, who love me.'