Saturday, May 1, 2010

GaDgET PaPa YG BEk Yer

Gadget2 Bru.. Nice..

Real Player yg bru

Korunk taw p gne Real Player kn.. P Fungsi dya kn.. son donload saja Player itu..hoho <----- Link


Bgi mereka yg ske m'dengar music ketika waktu sush n senang.. so, pe lgi Donlod jer

OS: Windows® 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
Language: English
License: Cracked
Size: 11.3 Mb

Download: <-------------- LINK

KRING2.. Tik2 wakto berdetik

Alarm Clock Pro - alarm clock and scheduler. With the program you can easily plan your day from morning till night, and trust her performance of routine operations, such as download and run to your cell phone.

Ni antara FUngsi yer...

• Sending text messages to your phone
• Playback of audio or video file
• Repetition and auto-stop media files
• Increasing the speed of playback of media files
• Change the volume playing media file
• Repeat your media files on the number of times or at specified time
• Open documents and applications
• Playing a web broadcasts
• Playing of iTunes playlists
• Stop, pause and resume the audio file in iTunes
• Opening Web Sites
• Sending e-mail with attachments
• Connection and disconnection of internet connection
• Starting or stopping a screen saver
• Capture screenshots
• Display and / or pronunciation of the text
• Automatic prompting the computer from hibernation
• Translation of the computer goes into hibernation
• Starting your computer
• Turn off computer
• Increase or decrease the volume in the system

OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Language: English
License: Free (Portable)
Size: 40 Mb


Gadget Tgk Bla Free (LIVe 2) <----- LINK

Haaaa.. ni nk share skit r software yg leh tgk Bola Pree.. Tp PasTikan TEnet 2 agk Lju la law Slow.. Org Bwk Bola Pun TGK mcm kura2 bwk bola..hahaha.. Anywhere, Enjoy...Law Xde duit lebeh nk byr Astro atau Kdi MaMak Tmpt Korunk 2 Asyik Pnh je..
Leh la saVE Bjet Tgk kt umh...

LIST Tok Tgk Channel (

1) Tgk Liga yg korunk nk usha - EPL, La Liga, German, UeFa dan len2..

2) Clik kt match yg korunk nk Usha (Eng,Rom, Rusia atau China k) eh sukatila sng ckp..

3) Copy Address then paste kt Engine Sopcast 2...

4) Layan la p lgi...